WRRF CalGames is an off-season robotics competition in California. 
This year I was part lucky to be part of their wonderful media team. I animated their 2017 logo, designed a promotional flyer, poster, and Facebook banner and filmed and edited a wrap-up video on site. Keep in mind this years robotics game was steampunk themed.

Western Regional Robotics forum holds all rights to the name CalGames.

T-shirt mockup
Facebook banner
                                     Logo Animation - made in After Effects
Above is the video I filmed and edited on-site of the competition while also helping photograph the event. I was running around with my laptop, earbuds and camera, shooting and editing. It was hard work but super rewarding in the end.

I was also there to support my robotics team. Especially exciting was when our alliance ended up winning the competition. :)

Above was my logo proposal for WRRF CalGames 2017. Although this was rejected, I coincidentally ended up being part of their media team. The idea behind the writing "CalGames" using circles and rectangles came from deconstructing the face of the WRRF robot mascot -- which is made of a rectangle and two circles. Using the repetition of these basic elements, this design intends to echo their logo (see wrrf.org). The "m" is the WRRF robot's face, with a propeller instead of an antennae to coincide with this year's steampunk game theme.
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