As part of the FRC Robotics Team 846, we are tasked each year to create a 40 second safety animation. 
2019 Prompt:
      "Your mission, and failure is NOT an option, is to identify one or more potential risks            to safety, including hand injuries, that you may encounter during your trip into Deep           Space. Demonstrate practical and innovative solutions to mitigate these risks and               ensure the achievement of your goals."

Theme: Space
To create this, I directed an 7 week animation workshop to teach rookies and after working together on it for a month, it has all come together. Completely high school student-designed, composed, sung, and animated, we used high-level tools such as Autodesk Maya, After Effects, and Audacity.

My Role: Project Director / 3D Modeler / Animator / Rapper
(see the rest of the team in the video description, and credits at the end of the video)

lighting test render
storyboard and set design                                                                                 ship concept art
                                        ^ Alien character sketch            
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